Ben Yardley

Ben Yardley

Carolyn has helped me become the athlete and human I am today.

Zoe Schein

Carolyn makes the hard work seem like the best time ever!
Johann Aberger

Johann Aberger

The ladies at Ripple Effect inspire me.

Sara Porter

"I love training at RE because it’s a positive and supportive environment and I get stronger both physically and emotionally! What’s not to love?

Ben Abruzzo

We all need a coach and Carolyn is one of the very best.

Lee Sheftel

Carolyn has helped me both emotionally as well as physically in dealing with the severe back pain I had for a while and other issues I have had as well. We have become fast friends as well and I am eternally grateful for her, her staff and her programs.
Specifically, she guided my training for successfully accomplishing The full Grand Teton Traverse which I did over 3 days at 70 years of age; Hiking the Four Pass Loop in the Snowmass wilderness in one day at 72 years of age as well as my passion for challenging sport climbing routes.

Kathleen Stabler

Carolyn is a coach, a trainer, and a mentor but perhaps the best word is Guide.

Sean Van Horn

Stepping through the doors of Ripple Effect was a huge turning point in my athletic career. Carolyn’s unique and detail oriented approach allowed her to identify weaknesses in my kinetic chain that dozens of other practitioners had missed. While working with Ripple Effect has allowed me to climb back on the podium in the sports that I love, what is certainly more important is the drastic improvement I have seen in the quality of my life, and for that I am forever grateful.

Karen Ortiz

I am respectful and impressed with her knowledge and desire to push the envelope in nutrition and training.