Kathleen Stabler

I had no idea that I had taken a step on a life-changing path when I began working with Carolyn. Aware of her reputation as a world-class trainer I wanted her help in “fixing” some chronic injuries desiring to become a better runner. I had a sense that I’d placed myself exactly where I needed to be; what I didn’t yet understand was the level of commitment that Carolyn makes to each athlete, and the level of commitment it takes to work with Carolyn. Standards are high. A well-done training session may receive no comment at all; nothing less than your best is expected. Carolyn’s legendary objectivity may leave you wincing as it hits the mark on deep and subtle weaknesses that lie within. However, if you are willing to commit to doing the inner work, deep compassion and wisdom are delivered in equal measure. Carolyn is a coach, a trainer, and a mentor but perhaps the best word is Guide. The result of this ongoing synergistic process of training, mind-body-spirit, is not only a better athlete, but a truly strong and empowered human being.

53, 5’2” 108#
Athlete, Coach and Trainer
Owner – No Limits Fitness Company
Gym Jones, Fully Certified Instructor


Deadlift 265#
Front Squat 145#
OHS 70#
CLean 95#
Jerk 85#
Bench 90#
BSSU 70#
TGU 40#
Pull Ups(RINGS) 10
Handstand Hold 2:00

250 :57
500 2:04
1000 4:19
2000 8:51
5000 23:06
10000 48:01


Trained at Gym Jones, completed Advanced Seminar and Internship
earned Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor status


Jemez Trail Run 50k Kathleen Stabler 1st age group, 7:47


Tahoe Rim Run 50M 12:50:36 2AG; Telluride-Ouray run, a 50th Birthday Challenge, 70 miles back country San Juan Mountains, CO, with pack and some route finding.
Climbed Knife Edge of the Shield, guided by Carolyn Parker


Tram-to-Tram, Sandia Mountains, 9.5 miles, 4500’ elevation gain.
PR 2:00; Sandia Double Crossing, 56 miles, 16:15.
Triple Ascent. Successfully ascended east face of Sandia Mountains via 3 different routes in 12 hrs, 12000’ elevation gain. 6 starters, 4 finished, only female finisher. Routes: via Chimney Canyon (ice axes and crampons), via Old La Luz and La Cueva Canyon, via Domingo Baca/TWA Canyon


Bataan Death March Honorary 2:05:58; Napa Trail Half Marathon 1:59:41
1AG; Tour de Acoma 50M 3:44:39 7AG(cycling)


La Luz race course PR 1:56 2008, Woodside Trail 50K 5:53:39 3AG/5OA