Jess Mason

“I believe that happiness is contagious, and that my daily attitude has influence. I believe in finding joy amid the chaos, even when it feels impossible. I believe motherhood is a gift, a highest privilege, and one of the greatest responsibilities. I believe there is a time for sacrifice and a time for chasing dreams.
Ripple Effect helps to guide my attitude, my mental and physical strength and my ability to embrace the daily chaos that is just simply inherent in life’s journey. I am a wife, a mother, a water resources engineer, a speech therapist, and a community member. My time for chasing dreams is limited. Ripple Effect helps hone my stamina and strength to literally jump off the couch and share adventures with family and friends. So long as I am surrounded by positive people who enjoy the journey (and have a backpack filled with delicious food), you can count me in. Thirty-mile run through the Elk Mountains? Sounds good. Power of Four with no training? Let’s do it. Through her gym and her training programs, Carolyn encourages, empowers and emboldens us all to be our best selves.”