Kristine Glauber

It has been a moment since we’ve done an athlete shout out, now couldn’t be a better time as I am deeply honored and inspired to introduce another one of our very own athletes and new coaches here at Ripple Effect, Kristine Glauber.

Kristine joined our instructor team in the late spring of 2022. She brings with her a boundless joy and a passion for movement and learning. From the very moment I first met her in one of our classes, I was immediately drawn to her spark of energy and open heart. She is truly one of a kind and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team.

Kristine believes person powered play is the purest avenue to knowing about ourselves, others, and the world around us. She learned this lesson through first-hand experience in graduate school in Southern California, where she earned her PhD in Bio-Chemistry. Movement on the wall and on the yoga mat provided a means to expand her awareness beyond the realm of matters of the mind- the moving meditations of rock climbing and yoga opened doors to embodiment, and ways of knowing beyond the logic of Science.

Kristine began training at Ripple Effect soon after moving to Carbondale in 2020. Drawn by the RE training philosophy, the community, as well as the opportunity to pursue her lifelong passion in coaching (previously fulfilled in youth swimming and rock climbing), she joined the RE coaching staff in early 2022. She additionally works remotely for Duke University as a Senior Research Program Leader. We are confident you all will enjoy training with and learning from Kristine.

We welcome Kristine and we will soon welcome Kristine and Alex’s child into the RE fold come October. Exciting times for all!!!
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