Personal Training Philosophy At Ripple Effect

Our training philosophy was born of the mountains, of high standards and hard work. No matter the athlete, our craft applies: develop a deep awareness of posture, structure, alignment, and mobility; utilize this awareness to “injury proof” the athlete by healing injuries, balancing stress, supporting quality recovery; and layering on periodized strength training modalities structured for the mountain athlete.

Our goal is to practice our craft in an environment of support, where honesty, character and integrity are paramount; and where motivation, instruction, and guidance are given to those with the desire to do the work.

These practices do not apply to just the “elite” of the athletic world. They apply to each and every one of us. We are all athletes! An athlete is an individual who desires change, vitality and health, strength, happiness, and the capacity to excel in whatever we choose to do – at any level.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Ripple Effect Training Center is a private facility, though our doors are open to all. Instruction in private and group settings must be scheduled in advance. All personal training at Ripple Effect is individualized to meet the needs of the athlete. Whether or not it is an athlete recovering from an injury, a general recreational athlete who just wants to enjoy their days off, a high end athlete who’s performance during a season or for a specific event is imperative to them, or the individual who simply desires support to stay active and healthy and is seeking an environment of knowledgeable instructors.

Knowledge can only be gained from experience. At Ripple Effect Training our instructors bring a lifetime of experience not only from the mountain environment but also our unique gym environment. All of our instructors have engaged in our intensive three-tier Ripple Effect Instructor Certification program which can take years to complete.

All of this culminates in our ability and desire to support our community in recovery, health, strength, and performance for all mountain endeavors through personal training. Our Athletes are a reflection of our dedication.

Mountain Athlete Coach Carolyn Parker


Carolyn Parker


The focus of my work and my life is to engage others in activities that create positive self change, to inspire, mentor, motivate, encourage, educate, and if that means changing the world one person at a time, so be it. I derive the deepest satisfaction from seeing others succeed, however I will be the first to tell you it is not just about being faster or stronger – it is about being a more conscious human being.

Carolyn is a life-long climber and mountain guide who has made the successful transition into full time coaching work. Carolyn is founder and lead instructor at the Ripple Effect Gym in Carbondale, Colorado.
Carolyn’s personal pursuit of progress with her climbing led her to training. Training led her to Mark Twight and Gym Jones. In 2010 she earned her Gym Jones Certified Instructor credential. Carolyn can lead 5.12 rock, M8 mixed, and ski 50 degree couloirs. She has ski guided Mont Blanc, the famous Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route and the Italian Ortler Traverse multiple times. In 2001 she attempted to climb Makalu by a new route on the South Face with a small 4-person team. Most recently she has been competitive in mountain runs such as the Imogene Pass run, R2R2R Grand Canyon, Sandia Crossing, Four Pass Loop Elk Mountains, Power of Four Skimo Race.

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Personal Trainer Betsy Dain-Owens

Betsy Dain-Owens


Betsy grew up in the Pacific Northwest, with the mountains, rivers and rocky coastlines as her playground. Remote landscapes, harsh conditions, and the company of those who “get it” energize and inspire her.

Betsy has been working with Carolyn since 2012. She is dedicated to the continuous learning of new tools and techniques – both inside and outside of the gym – that effect self-growth, injury prevention, and blasting through obstacles. In addition to her work at Ripple Effect Training, Betsy teaches AIARE avalanche rescue and safety classes for Paragon Guides and Colorado Mountain College, runs trips domestically and internationally for International Mountain Guides, and teaches climbing and rock rescue for Colorado Mountain College. She also most recently helped Tanice Kitchener, DPT (Rocky Mountain Therapros) develop and launch her Blood Flow Restriction Training Program.

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Strength Conditioning Coach Caitlin Kinney


Caitlin Kinney


Caitlin grew up in Carbondale, where her passion for the mountains and the outdoors began. She is a graduate of California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Through also living in Baja Mexico, Bend, Hood River OR, Australia and traveling to places such as Europe, Bali, New Zealand and Australia, she found that her heart truly belongs back in Carbondale.

In terms of the mountains, Caitlin enjoys skiing, skinning, hiking, running, and mountain biking. To her, the mountains are her meditation, her grounding force and where she feels she belongs. Outside of mountain sports, Caitlin enjoys surfing, kite surfing, yoga and riding her horse in the local Carbondale rodeos.

To her, Ripple is more than just a gym. It is a safe and positive place to encourage people to become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically. The uplifting characters and unique backgrounds of those who walk through the door constantly inspire her. She loves the sense of community that Ripple brings, as well as the opportunities that allow her to consistently learn tools aiding in self growth, correct alignment, injury prevention, and how strength conditioning can transform a person’s ability to move through life in the best possible way outside the gym.

Caitlin feels incredibly grateful to be apart of such a unique, quality team at the Ripple Effect. Her passion for the outdoors, love for movement, desire for learning, teaching and wellness all interplay into her role at the gym.

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Jim Harris athletic coach at Ripple Effect gym in Carbondale, CO


Jim Harris


Jim first came to the Ripple Effect to work on his recovery from a spinal cord injury that had originally left him paralyzed from the sternum down. Fast forward six years and hundreds of hours of gym work, physical therapy, research, willingness to try and try hard Jim has regained the ability to ride a mountain bike, skin and ski, walk with no external assistance, pack raft, and live a life full of mobility and adventure once again.

The balance point between psychological acceptance of his disability and the continued will to lean against his limitations are always in flux. Jim’s role as a RE trainer and athlete helps him achieve that balance while continuing to improve his physical proprioception. Jim is delighted to be part of the RE team.

He is additionally a talented photographer and artist, so when not here or out with his friends in the mtns or on the river he can be found at his studio at SAW.

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Small group fitness classes coach Kristine Glauber

Kristine Glauber


Kristine began training at Ripple Effect soon after moving to Carbondale in 2020. Drawn by the RE training philosophy, the community, as well as the opportunity to pursue her lifelong passion in coaching (previously fulfilled in youth swimming and rock climbing), she joined the RE coaching staff in early 2022.

Kristine believes person powered play is the purest avenue to knowing about ourselves, others, and the world around us. She learned this lesson through first-hand experience in graduate school in Southern California. Movement on the wall and on the yoga mat provided a means to expand her awareness beyond the realm of matters of the mind- the moving meditations of rock climbing and yoga opened doors to embodiment, and ways of knowing beyond the logic of Science.


Ski conditioning trainer Davis Cowles

Davis Cowles


Davis is a Life, Breath, & Movement Coach, and founder of Moon & Back–a community-centric movement designed to support you in the task of living well. At the core of Davis’ work on personal growth is the notion that, despite the messages with which we’re inundated these days, there’s no silver bullet. Positive transformation and profound growth are absolutely possible. They also require consistent, committed, and conscious effort. With a deep background in wilderness-based leadership education, Davis supports curious and bold individuals in finding the joy latent in that process, invariably with an aspect of embodiment. 

His greatest teacher is the living Earth beneath our feet, and dancing with gravity in the mountains brings him alive. Some of the trainings and certs he’s picked up along the way include: Professional Life Coach , Certified Breath Coach (YOGABODY Teachers College), Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), Single Pitch Instructor (AMGA SPI) Training, Swiftwater Rescue Training (SRT-1), Mental Health First Aid, AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Training, High School Teaching Experience (Spanish & Biology).


Ultra running coach Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams


Carolyn moved to Carbondale to continue her work as an educator at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School where she could share her passion for climbing and skiing with her students as a teacher and outdoor trip leader. After several years, she moved on to found a college counseling private practice which she operated for fifteen years. All the while, mountain sports have served as a foundation for her fitness and connection to family and friends.

She appreciates how the training at Ripple Effect allows her to feel stronger and more efficient in the alpine environment. From trail running to gravel biking to every form of skiing, Carolyn ventures into the mountains at every opportunity. To focus her alpine training, she has entered races over time, such as the Dead Horse Point Ultra, Grand Traverse, Power of Four, and Steamboat Gravel. She is also passionate about adventure travel, and has enjoyed completing the Tour of Mont Blanc, Via Valais, Annapurna Circuit, and biking in Tuscany. She finds that yoga provides the mental and physical recovery and mobility needed for optimal health, and teaches yoga at Kula and True Nature Healing Arts. 

Carolyn is eager to share the benefits of Ripple Effect as a coach for local athletes and looks forward to helping them reach their goals.