Lara Horst

Under the guidance of the Ripple Effect Trainers miracles are possible. Using my body and physicalness as an access point, I lead a life full of belief, joy, connection and strength. This stays with me anywhere and everywhere. I believe that physicalness is a vehicle or catalyst for transformation and growth for anyone and everybody.
I am proud to train at Ripple Effect. I began training with Carolyn in October of 2014 and I’ve never looked back. In the past, I was a member of Davidson’s Division I Women’s Varsity Tennis Team. I moved to Carbondale, Colorado in April of 2014 and have thrown myself into all that Colorado has to offer. My desire to do so has been greatly influenced by the supportive team at RE.
I feel blessed to have Carolyn as my coach outside of the gym. Not only did she guide me through my first marathon but while doing so she also ensured my safety and well being. After battling pneumonia and respiratory issues, Carolyn’s knowledge of sport, health and training have been of utmost importance in my continued success.
With Carolyn by my side, I have had many firsts, including but not limited to: First Marathon, First Summit- Mt Sopris 12,980ft, First MTB Single Track, First Unassisted Pull Up, First 125# Bench Press, First 195# Dead Lift, First 45# TGU, First Ring Push Ups, First Un-Assisted Pull-up, First 24” Box Jump…