Kate Hudson

This is is the indomitable Kate Hudson. Second from the left.
Kate came to RE a few years ago to gain strength she desired for life, she is tenacious to say the least, with a stalwart work ethic and a heart of gold she is a joy to work with! In 2019, she and her regatta team placed second in the AYC regatta, the celebration pictured above, as well she had a harrowing experience she refers to below, on a rafting trip last summer, where the strength she built at the RE truly saved her life. Here’s to you Kate, and many more years of training and adventures.
From Kate ~
“If it had not been for the incredible upper body training that Carolyn and everyone at Ripple Effect helped me do all last winter, I am not sure I would be alive today. Part of a raft trip in late June 2019 celebrating John Wesley Powell’s first running of the Colorado 150 years ago, my raft flipped in the Big Drops of Cataract Canyon, with the Colorado running at 50,000 cfs. I had to hang on to a spinning, 2000 pound, upside down runaway raft for 40 minutes as it pulled me through all of the Big Drops before I was rescued. Somehow I managed to do it. Thank you Carolyn and everyone I have worked with at Ripple Effect for giving me the strength to save myself!”