Lee Sheftel

I knew Carolyn Parker, the owner and head honcho, of Ripple Effect from New Mexico where we both lived for a number of years. We met thru climbing and the climbing community. She and Ripple Effect moved here approximately 5 years ago and it was great to see her again after so many years.
I didn’t know much about what her program was about at the time. I was having quite a severe issue with one of my shoulders at the time and my wife Cheryl was having a chronic back issue. Cheryl’s back issue had been a major issue for her for many years and was not resolved in any meaningful way despite years of seeing PT’s, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage and more! My shoulder issue had been chronic for about six months and various modalities I tried did little to help.
After going to a couple of sessions at the Ripple Effect my shoulder issue was resolving and I was so impressed with Carolyn’s wholistic approach and knowledge that I told my wife to see her. After just two sessions with Carolyn Cheryl’s back situation was totally resolved! How could that happen I asked? Turns out that Cheryl was given some bad advice on her posture and how to hold herself when hiking, walking etc. which Carolyn pointed out to her and gave her specific strengthening exercises as well.
Bottom line for me is that The Ripple Effect training program starts by balancing the framework of our body first by addressing specific issues and weaknesses, comprises a regimen of exercises to correct those issues specific to each person and then moves on to build an exercise routine specific to the athletic goals that I have.
I have gained an entire new perspective and knowledge about my body that has helped me enormously in the achievement of my personal goals. Perhaps more importantly, Carolyn has helped me both emotionally as well as physically in dealing with the severe back pain I had for a while and other issues I have had as well. We have become fast friends as well and I am eternally grateful for her, her staff and her programs.
Specifically, she guided my training for successfully accomplishing The full Grand Teton Traverse which I did over 3 days at 70 years of age; Hiking the Four Pass Loop in the Snowmass wilderness in one day at 72 years of age as well as my passion for challenging sport climbing routes.