Ben Abruzzo

We all need a coach. I own a training facility and have spent much of the last 5 years as a coach and trainer. Yet when it came to my own personal goals I realized quickly that I would also benefit from a coach, and I wanted the best. While the gym is a key to training, I wanted someone who understood the mountain world and that the gym was a tool to make me better. Carolyn has trained me for the last 5 years, during that time I have completed the Death Race, two Ultra Marathons (5th and 14th placings), 3rd place in the 24hr Worlds Toughest Mudder Team, and have won two Ski Mountaineering Races. Before I came to see her, I was a well rounded athlete but lacked the sport specific strength and endurance needed to perform in these events. Carolyn kept me motivated, focused, accountable and pushed my limits while keeping injury away. We all need a coach and Carolyn is one of the very best.

35; 5’9” 150#
Area Manager Sandia Peak Ski Area
Mountain Manager Ski Santa Fe
Owner Albuquerque Crossfit
Army & FBI


Deadlift- 400#
Back Squat- 300#
Press- 145#
Bench Press 225#
Front Squat- 250#
OHS- 185#
Snatch 155#
Clean 205#
Jerk 200#
Consecutive strict pullups 18
Ring Dips- 20
HSPU- 12 unbroken
Muscle Ups- 5-6 unbroken
Mile- 5:58
5k- 19:48 (hilly course)
400m Run 1:15
800m Run 2:39
500m Row- 1:38-


2014 Cedro Peak 45k April 2014, 14th Place
2014 Taos Rio Hondo Raid Feb 14, 1st Place


2013 World’s Toughest Mudder, November 2013 3rd Place
2013 Deadman’s Peak 50 miler, October 2013 5th place
2013 Ski Mo Tessa’s assertion March 2013 1st Place


2012 Death Race- Summer 2012 53 hours of movement @ 70plus miles with load ranging from 40 to 110lbs.
2012 Ski Mo Tessa’s assertion March 2012 2nd Place


2010, 2009 CrossFit Games Regional Competior 2009, Sectional Competitor 2010
Skier, Ice Climber, Ski Mo Racer, Runner, General Mountain Man
2002-2005 US Army Infantry Platoon Leader and Executive officer 3/187th Infantry 101st Airborne Division-
Platoon Leader Operation Iraqi Freedom
2003-2004 Iraq
2008-2010 FBI Special Agent Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force