Liz and Tom Penzel

Meet Liz and Tom, both came to the Ripple Effect with significant athletic backgrounds but needing help recovering from injuries and returning to activity. It has been a pleasure to work with both of them and watch them regain strength, mobility, and the ability to move in the mountains doing what they enjoy once again. Being a fellow fifty something I know all too well how much harder it gets to keep on keeping on and these two do it with tenacity, and style of course.
From Tom and Liz~
As Tom and Liz have entered their fifties, they both really value Ripple! The instructors are so kind, knowledgeable, and possess a warm-hearted sense of humor. But what we both appreciate, as former collegiate athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, who now are paying physically for their past exploits, is how Ripple works with us, adapting the workouts to fit our physical needs. Tom has had a knee replacement, a spinal fusion, and too many other knee surgeries to remember. Liz is recently recovered from foot surgery. We always leave Ripple feeling a bit pained and tired but with a smile on our faces, knowing we are getting stronger and healthier.