Sarah & John Villafranco

“The Eyes are the Window to the Soul.” I always make eye contact and look deeply.

Meet Sarah and John. These two are power houses, on every plane of their existence. Their dedication to one another and their children, their devotion to friends, our local community, and their careers. Sarah, an MD who changed her path ~ see her vision at @osmiaorganics ~ and John a corporate attorney who thrives in our cozy mountain town, balancing the stresses of work and necessary travel. They always show up, bring their best, and appreciate the opportunity to train. They can’t always train together, but when they do it makes me smile that much more. They lift one another up, their energy fills the gym to inspire others because it is so genuine. These two can throw down, train hard and work harder, but what I respect about them is what I see when I look in their eyes. Love for each other and humanity. They are present for so many others beyond themselves.

From Sarah ~ “We used to be gym rats in the early days of our relationship. I remember feeling strong and flirty as we threw the weights around twenty years ago. When we moved west, we traded indoor workouts for more time on the trails, loving every second on our bikes and skis. Now, as the years pile up, we realize that strength training is what will keep us on those bikes and skis for years to come. Carolyn and the staff at Ripple are incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging, without the aggro aspect of some (ahem) well-known workout programs. Plus, now that John is on the Ripple plan with me, I get to flirt at the gym again!”