Carolyn Williams

This is Carolyn, my soul sister of sorts. The C in Carolyn stands for consistency. Consistency is the singular thing that will keep you healthy, strong, able, and in many cases aging gracefully. Carolyn in the epitome of Consistency, always making her workouts, being diligent, training smart, and getting the work done. She is an absolute joy to have in our space, she shows up ready to work but ultimately ready to share her inner glow and happiness with all.
Read her story below:
“Blowing my ACL ten years ago while skiing reinforced for me the importance strength training. To keep skiing, biking, and running in the mountains, I hit the gym more regularly to maintain the strength needed to keep my joints happy and protected. However, it has taken me a while to find the right type of gym workouts for my body and my needs. Working out so hard that I could barely walk or move my arms over my head was just not the answer. My workouts were hurting the quality of my outdoor experiences, not enhancing them. I craved a balance where my body felt strong but not bulky and the joints strong yet flexible. Finally, at Ripple Effect, I feel like I have found the special sauce. Ripple Effect has allowed me to maintain the strength I need on the slopes and the trails while keeping the strength to weight ratio right. I feel the workouts, but they don’t debilitate me. I love working out with the Ripple Effect coaches that keep me accountable and in good alignment. Since joining the gym, I have had some of my best success to date during my long runs in the mountains and even on a recent ultra marathon. Thank you Carolyn and team!”

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