Ben Yardley

Working out was never an option for me growing up. It was part of what my family did. My parents were both genetic freaks and masochists which allowed me to witness how far you can push the body. I came to Carolyn with drive, but no direction. When I started working out with Carolyn four years ago I was new to the valley, fresh from college, injury riddled, and no longer had a climbing gym nearby. She highlighted my weaknesses, explained the why behind each workout, showed me where I could improve, gave me a plan, inspiration, a community, and most importantly put up with my bullshit. Four years later and I am by far a stronger climber, but more importantly I feel like a better person. By simply being around Carolyn and the staff you learn to live a more balanced life, gain self-confidence, and appreciate the things around you. All in all, the Ripple Effect staff have been great at motivating me, but even better listeners. They have listened to me patiently over the past four years and helped me become the athlete and human I am today. They gave me direction.

26, 6’0’’, 170#
Associate Publisher of Big Stone Publishing
Trail Runner, Rock and Ice, and Gym Climber


Weighted Pull Up 115#
Bench Press 225#
TGU 110#
DL 315#
FS 165#
BS 205#
Push Press 135#


First(?) Solo/Unsupported Elk Range Traverse 35:50 hours, 65 miles, and ~25,000 feet of vertical gain
Presidential Traverse in New Hampshire
5.9+ Finger Crack on Devils Towers. Tears may have been shed.
Fault Line – 5.13d Red Point
Bundle of Joy – 5.13a Onsight
Led a 5.9+ trad pitch in the Black Canyon. I think I peed a little?

Collegiate Regional Championships: New England (1st Place)
Vermont 50k (1st Place in 20-29 Age Group)
American Bouldering Series: Local (Numerous 1st Place Finishes)
Collegiate Competition: Local (Numerous 1st Place Finishes)
Sport Climbing Series Regional Championships: New England (Top 3 Finish)