Janice and Meredith

It’s Ripple Effect Athlete shout out time once again!
Meredith and Janice have been training with us for years now. They are most definitely BFF’s, paling around together for over 30 years. They are truly the heart and soul of this little valley.
They are mothers, wives, grandmothers, best friends, mentors, business owners, authors, a photographer and a teacher, the list goes on. We all LOVE training and working with these two. Not a day goes by that they don’t share their joy and passion for living a full and happy life. We are honored to share our time with them every week and look forward to them coming in ready to work but also to laugh, play and tease each other a lot. They are love and light!

From Meredith and Janice!
Ripple Effect! Love it! Not only do we love our trainers, past and present… Lindsay, Betsy, Caitlin, Sabre, Sarah… but we embrace our tri-weekly workouts (bear-crawl excepted), laugh a whole lot -at and with each other- and even compete for “extra credit”. Here’s the best part: we are SO strong .

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