Sarah Coburn

Yep, it’s that time RE athlete shout time, and it our very own Sarah’s turn! In addition to her depth of commitment to the process, work ethic, integrity, honesty, clarity, and genuine desire to be the best she can be, Sarah exudes joy and happiness from the core of her being every day. Her smile is infectious and her resolve steadfast, if she is on your team she will never let you down, I feel deeply fortunate to have her at the Ripple Effect.

From Sarah ~
The Hudson River Valley was my childhood home. I explored the woodlands, played soccer and lacrosse, ran cross country and track, and expressed my creative side in theatre/improv. After high school I attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, it was there during my freshman year I found rock climbing. The Gunks and the guidance of the College Outing Club honed my skills and created life long friendships.
I graduated spring of 2016, with a major in History & Environmental Studies. That summer after coaching climbing for kids, completing a 200 hour yoga instructor certification, I packed my bags and headed west to the world I had dreamed of quickly settling in Indian Creek UT, the holy grail of splitter Wingate sandstone crack climbing. I set my tent up as my home, and I climbed. As the cold winter months drew near, the romance of living on and with the land as a transient dirtbag climber grew less appealing. I literally pulled up my tent stakes, moved to Carbondale, found a job and started training with Carolyn at Ripple Effect Training. My goal was simple: improve strength and enhance mobility. After months of hard work, honoring an old shoulder injury, making hard decisions about jobs, work, life and travel Carolyn offered me a job at RE and I seized the opportunity.
Working at the Ripple Effect has given me purpose. Its foundation has inspired me to be the best that I can, and above all given me a community that is the best on planet earth. I continuously learn and grow from Carolyn, Betsy and Caitlin. I feed off the energy from everyone who comes through the gym doors. As someone who used to be so determined to be a transient dirtbag climber, I have come to realize that community is everything.