Sara Porter

“I love training at RE because it’s a positive and supportive environment and I get stronger both physically and emotionally! What’s not to love?
I have been working out with Ripple Effect for over 4 years now!
Leadville 100- got the belt buckle! (10:55)
Marathons- I thought I was only going to run one and be done, and now I am going to run my 6th one this fall– haha!
Boulder Ironman 2018- 13 hours and 50 minutes to complete 140.6 miles.
Then all of the other silly things I have done- like run a self supported 50K from Aspen to Carbondale or riding the White Rim in one day clockwise and then next year counterclock wise.
I am running another 50K in Fruita in April 2019”

Sara has been consistently training, and I mean consistently, at the Ripple Effect for four years, we have seen and supported her through so many adventures and everts. I (we) look forward to seeing her smiling face and dedicated work ethic every week. Outside of all these achievements she is a special education teacher in our local public school system which in itself is a work of love and dedication, many of the students here are ESL, our side of school hours she dedicates herself to Spanish language studies and is planning an immersion this summer abroad so she can truly be bi-lingual to support her students. I admire her work and contribution to our community!

We’re here for you Sara! 100% and every step of the way. Congratulations on all you have achieved in life.