Jim Harris

It’s time for another round of RE Athlete posts, beginning with our newest team member and instructor Jim Harris.
It is with great honor and pleasure that we welcome Jim to the Instructor Team at Ripple Effect Training. And selfishly I am thrilled that a dear friend is working with us once again so we can connect more often.
I have known Jim since 2015 and consider it an honor to call him a friend. His candor, positive energy, desire to learn and thrive are seemingly endless and he continually inspires me to be the best person I can be.
When I first met Jim he was coming to work with me or shall I say work together as a team on his recovery from a spinal cord injury that had originally left him paralyzed from the sternum down. 
Fast forward six years and hundreds of hours of gym work, physical therapy, research, willingness to try and try hard Jim has regained the ability to ride a mtn bike, skin and ski, walk with no external assistance, pack raft, and live a life full of mobility and adventure once again.
If you haven’t already met him while he was shadowing classes and learning more about the art of instruction at RE, you’ll be seeing Jim soon covering classes and sharing his shining spirit. He is additionally a talented photographer and artist, so when not here or out with his friends in the mtns or on the river he can be found at his studio at SAW.
You can connect with Jim on Instagram at @perpetualweekend or see his art gorgeousstorm.com