This is Enzo. I have known this young man for four years, he started training with us at age eight. His initial inspiration came from watching the transformation his father James went through, eventually asking if he could come to the gym with him, when James reached out to inquire I said Yes! Of course. That a was four years ago, now at age 12 he is one of our most focused and dedicated athletes. Over the years he has been active in many sports and activities alpine skiing, nordic, hiking in the mountains around Carbondale however the last couple of years have found him deeply committed to ballet, performing the Nutcracker each winter, mentoring and teaching kids younger than him with a local company in Glenwood, plus training and practicing for hours a day. When classes were cancelled due to closures, his parents reached out to see if I could create an at home program for Enzo, he thrives with structure and achievement, and so I did. Here’s Enzo with his monthly program calendar and all workouts pinned to the wall ready to be accomplished. #BeLikeEnzo #therippleffect #rippleffectraining #homeworkouts