Johann Aberger

The ladies at Ripple Effect inspire me. They provide professional-level coaching, sport-specific programming for mountain-athletes, have helped me recover from three major injuries and keep me laughing on the daily.

40, 6’4”, 182#
Program Director
Spring Valley Outdoor Education Department, Colorado Mountain College

2010: Astroman, Yosemite National Park (5.11c, grade V), onsight
2012: Leadville 100, Run. Finisher. 28 hours 16 min 50 sec
2014: Aguja Guillaumet, Patagonia (5.8, M6, grade IV, winter conditions)
2015: The Nose, El Capitain, Yosemite National Park (5.10, C2, Grade 6), ~12 hours 40 minutes
2016: The Drool, Redstone (Grade 5 ice, early season conditions)
2018: Mt Elbert full descent from the summit, on a mountain bike
Still fighting to stand up straight.