Tiffany Roberts

There are so many things I LOVE about my work, but one of the greatest joys and deepest satisfactions I feel is that of the success of others. The is Tiffany. Over these last few years I have witnessed a profound transformation in her. 
And I don’t mean the superficial stuff so many focus on, I mean the deeper transformation that strength and belief in oneself can create, the confidence to face fears and achieve the fullest life possible. Tiffany is a diamond in the rough, she is strong, confident, resilient, beautiful inside and out, an amazing mom, wife, friend and support for so many in her life. Thank you for being part of the RE Team Tiffany!!

From Tiffany:

I never considered myself an athlete. I started at Ripple Effect and to be honest, I was probably more concerned about my outfit than anything. Overtime I just kept showing up, it became addicting pushing myself, seeing if I could add one more rep, jump a little higher on a box, and do one more set without dying ( ;

The encouragement and support these amazing ladies gave me pushed me to keep going. They knew I could do it, even when I wasn’t so sure, and that made me believe in myself.

Eventually as my body strengthened, my mind followed and I know that’s why I still show up today. I found a confidence in myself that I never knew existed!

I’ve learned to focus on what my body is capable of doing and I’ve learned to appreciate this vessel to the fullest! RE you’ve been life changing, Thank you!