Ripple Effect Open House September 5th


Roaring Fork Athletes,


Ripple Effect Training Center  just opened it’s doors in your cozy town. We’d like to introduce ourselves, talk about what we do, and invite you to our Open House, Friday September 5th 10am – 7pm. If you can’t make the open house, call/text 970-773-3317, or reply to this email and set up a time to visit.


What is Ripple Effect:


Founder, Head Instructor/Trainer Carolyn Parker


Gym Jones Disciple and Fully Certified Instructor; AMGA Certified Rock Guide, and Athlete Representative for Mammut, Julbo and 5.10.


She brings 27 years of experience: participating in, training for, guiding, training, and instructing others in the realms of mountain based sports including mtn biking, cycling, ski mountaineering, trail running, rock and ice climbing, and high altitude mountaineering.  In addition, the focus of her life’s work is to engage others in activities that create positive self change, to inspire, mentor, motivate, encourage and educate, she derives the greatest satisfaction from seeing others succeed.  Read more about Carolyn.


Sheldon Kerr, Trainer and Ripple Effect Instructor, has deeply committed to her training and work with Carolyn, subsequently experiencing sky rocketing athletic performance including passing her AMGA Aspirant Ski Guide Exam in Chamonix and most recently returned from Kilimanjaro, ready to train hard herself and encourage others to work hard alongside her in our journey toward strength, health and a life well lived.


Training with us:


Our training philosophy was born of the mountains, of high standards and hard work. No matter the athlete, our craft applies: wield the tools of a unique training environment to create a healthier, better, faster, stronger…more conscious human being. We have created an environment of support where honesty, character and integrity are paramount; and where motivation, instruction, and guidance are given to all those willing to do the work. We are all athletes, entry level to elite, an athlete is someone who is willing to dedicate themselves to their health and training, who seeks change and desires progress to become more than they are right now.


We emphasize, proper form, clear instruction, the importance of injury prevention, training intelligently building a strong foundation to launch from, and deeply commit to all our athletes. Read what our Athletes have experienced with Ripple Effect Training.


We train individual athletes or small groups. You can call to set up private sessions, group sessions can be joined at scheduled times  companies can set up group times for employees, you can bring a training group – cycling, running, ski specific, high school athletes, people in team sports, or just a bunch of friends and train together. All levels, all athletes can be trained and accommodated. Call 970-773-3317 for more information and to schedule.


Initial consultations are complimentary. Come see who we are and if it is a perfect fit.


Initial assessments are required before attending group sessions.


Come meet us at the Ripple Effect Open House, Friday September 5th 10am – 7pm. and talk about how we can help you achieve!