Our training philosophy was born of the mountains, of high standards and hard work. No matter the athlete, our craft applies: wield the “tools” of a unique training environment to create a better, faster, stronger, more conscious human being.

Our goals are to train the mind of the individual along side the body, for the mind compels the body to endure and to achieve. To injury proof the body all the while encouraging the athlete to excel. We have created an environment of support, where honesty, character and integrity are paramount; and where motivation, instruction, and guidance are given to those with the desire to change.

These practices do not apply to just the “elite” of the athletic world. They apply to each and every one of us. We are all athletes! We all desire health, strength, happiness, and the capacity to excel in whatever we choose to do, at any level.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Ripple Effect Training Center is a private facility. To effect positive change in a single individual or a small group; focused work must be done. All training is individualized to meet the needs of the athlete. Whether or not it is a general recreational athlete who just wants to enjoy his days off, a high end athlete who’s performance during a season or for a specific event is imperative to her, or the individual who just desires change and is seeking an environment of knowledgeable instructors and support.

Knowledge can only be gained only from experience, at Ripple Effect our instructors bring a life time of experience not only from the mountain environment but that of this unique gym environment. Our ethos is to enhance performance and to grow a community. Our Athletes are a reflection of our dedication.

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  • About Carolyn Parker


    The focus of my work and my life is to engage others in activities that create positive self change, to inspire, mentor, motivate, encourage, educate, and if that means changing the world one person at a time, so be it. I derive the deepest satisfaction from seeing others succeed, however I will be the first to tell you it is not just about being faster or stronger – it is about being a more conscious human being.

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  • Betsydo

    • About Betsy Dain-Owens


      Betsy grew up in the Pacific Northwest, with the mountains, rivers and rocky coastlines as her playground. Remote landscapes, harsh conditions, and the company of those who “get it” energize and inspire her.

      Betsy has been working with Carolyn since 2012. She is dedicated to the continuous learning of new tools and techniques – both inside and outside of the gym – that effect self-growth, injury prevention, and blasting through obstacles. In addition to her work at Ripple Effect Training, Betsy guides for International Mountain Guides in Washington state and South America, and teaches Avalanche Awareness and Education Courses in Colorado.

      Prior to coaching and guiding, Betsy earned an Environmental Engineering B.S.E. from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College in Hanover NH, and subsequently worked as a mechanical and manufacturing engineer in Albuquerque, NM. She soon realized that her passion for adventure and a life well lived exceeded her ability to spend 70 hour work weeks inside an office. Departing from the engineering world has allowed her to pursue white water raft guiding, rock climbing instruction, alpine ski instruction, ski patrol and emergency medicine, and eventually athlete training and mountain guiding; all endeavors which continue to inspire and inform her work and life outlooks.

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    About Lindsay Cheney


    Lindsay grew up in Carbondale with her now husband, Trenton, with whom she has two energetic and curious little kiddos, Ivy (7) and Wyatt (5). She has enjoyed a variety of activities throughout her life including running, playing soccer, competing in various martial arts, modern dance, and snowboarding, which ultimately lead to riding on the CU Boulder snowboard team for a season. She graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in history. She recently ran the Lead King Loop 16 mile backcountry race in Marble, competed in The Red Bull Rise team event at Ajax Mountain, and the 2017 NYC Marathon (her first marathon!) to raise funds for the Chris Klug Foundation. She is looking forward to running many more and working hard towards beating her time. Her family loves to get outdoors hiking, skiing, boating, riding their bikes, jeeping or just enjoying the awesome Colorado sunshine. She is attracted to bright colors and shiny things, loves to travel, and finds cooking therapeutic.

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About Sarah Coburn


Sarah finds that the best people, moments, music, and laughter find her through movement. Her life can be traced through various mediums of it: team sports, games of barefoot capture the flag, exploring the woods, and climbing up things–trees, mountains, the side of her house–all suffice. These days she does most of her moving through climbing, running, yoga, skiing, and playing with her half-lemur, half-dog, Sophie.

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About Sabre Rafelson


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