Work/Train privately with a Ripple Effect Instructor.

Group size 2 to 4, highly specialized training in a small group format.

Specific training programs for any type of athlete.

In the Gym October 21st

Lower Body Injury Work Out Having a lower body injury is a great excuse to get a super strong core and upper body! (;(; And airdyne arms only is always a fun way to start the morning… Warm Up 10:00 seated ski erg or arms only airdyne 3 x 8 shoulder openers 3 x 5 […]

In the Gym October 20th

Strength & Power Endurance 10:00 Warm Up (row/ski/airdyne) 2 x 8 Shoulder Openers 3 x 5 Y’s and Cuban Press 3 x 5 Kb OH Press + Stretch 3 x 5 Wall Squats 30m Tactical lunge (forward and backward) 2 x 10 KB Swings Then: 5x Split squat per leg (KB or DB in FR […]

In the Gym October 18th

Power Endurance 10:00 Ski/Row/Airdyne 2 x 10 Shoulder Opener 2 x 5 Wall Squat 2 x 10 Push-Up 2 x 10 Good Morning @ 45# BB or KB 6 x 3 Strict Pull-Up Then: Work Up to Heavy Floor Press (KB, DB, or BB) Then: 3x Floor Press + 10x Bent Over Row + Rest […]