Mobility Work

Aligning the modern athlete is the foundation of all training we do at the Ripple Effect. Mobility and proper range of motion in all movements is the key to injury prevention and purposeful training. Over Head Reach Chest Opener L V 4 Single Leg Hamstring Work Hip Opener with Band Hip IT Band Work Frog […]

Chick’s Training Tip

Over the past few months, I’ve been collaborating with Chick’s Climbing and Skiing to create a wealth of knowledge about training for skiing, climbing, alpine adventures, and the like. My most recent post can be found here, along with links to past articles. ¬†Imbalanced muscles and movement patterns, and overstressed joints are often the culprit […]

In the Gym January 31st


Warm Up 10:00 row/ski
2 x 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
10x Y’s, 90/90’s, Pull Downs @ x-sym bands
3 x 5 wall squats
30m OH walking lunge
3 x 8 Good Mornings
Deadlift Strength Ladder
10@ 40%1RM
9@ 50%
8@ 60 %
7@ 65%
6@ 70%
5@ keep increasing
1@ single reps to failure
rest 1-2 min btw heavier sets
5x ring dips
5x pull ups
90 sec FLR
3 rounds

Finish with hip mobility work

Athletes: Betsy, LC, Johann