In the Gym April 17th

Warm up 10min ski/row/bike/etc
2 x 8 Shoulder Openers
2 x 5 Cuban Press
3 x 5 Wall Squats
Any additional mobility/stability
2 x 30m Tactical Lunge
2 x 5 Reverse Flies (with light DBs or cross-over symmetry bands)
Then –
Warm up to heavy Front Squats
Then –
5x Front Squat (can add chains for extra stability challenge)
8x heavy Pull Overs
X 5 rounds, rest 1-2 min between rounds
Then –
5x Strict OH Press (can be single arm if more appropriate for athlete)
60m Farmer’s Carry
60sec Front Plank (on rings for extra challenge)
X 4 rounds, 60sec rest between rounds
Then, if time –
3 x 500m ski/row for time
Rest 2min between each
Cool down + stretch