COVID-19 Policies

For All RE Athletes,There’s a lot of information in this post so please read ( :Topics covered: Late Winter/Early Spring  COVID-19 policies Access to No Equipment Home Workouts if you need to quarantine or would prefer to train at home. Current Virtual Class Offerings for those who’d like the community and connection. Winter/Spring COVID-19 policiesFor […]

No Equipment Workouts – Beginner

BeginnerWorkout #1warm up with 10min of walking, light jog, heavy house work like vacuuming, wrestling with kids, zumba video, you get the idea get your heart rate up a bit and get warm.Then:2 x 8 shoulder opener, with belt, ski pole, yoga strap, jump rope, towel2 x 5 push up, counter top, knees or toes.3 […]

No Equipment Workouts

We have packs of “No Equipment” necessary workouts for sale, included with those workouts is a private Vimeo link to video movement instruction from Ripple Effect. In case some of the movements are not familiar or you’d just like to double check your form. The workouts are categorized Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You can purchase […]