In the Gym February 23rd

Power Endurance KB Complex warm up 10 reps per movement, use warm up weight: One Handed KB Swings Around the World Figure 8’s Goblet Squats Push Squats Deck Squats OH Squats Halos Windmills TGU Then Work up to Clean & Jerk 5RM Then 5x Clean & Jerk + 90 sec Row all out + 2:00 […]

In the Gym December 4th

Power Endurance 10:00 warm up 2×10 shoulder openers 3×5 wall squats 3×5 cuban press 2×5 goblet squat Then KB Javorek Complex 6x DL 6x Curl 6x Front Squat 6x Jerk 6x OHS 6x Snatch or Back Squat 3 rounds, increase weight each round Then: Team Play P1: 10x C & J + 500m Row P2: […]

In the Gym October 12th

Power Endurance 10min warm up Then: 2 x 10 Shoulder Opener 2 x 5 Wall Squat 2 x 5 Goblet Squat 2 x 5 SOTS/OHS Combo Then: 10x Strict Press @ 35 – 55# + 60sec Row/Ski/Airdyne (hard) + 60sec Rest Ten Rounds Keep intensity consistent or increase for all rounds Then: 60sec at each […]