In the Gym August 8th

Strength10:00 row/ski erg/airdyne2 x 5 wall squat2 x 10 squat5 x 5 split squat w/KB in FR positionThen:3 x 5 Single Leg OTB squat @24” boxThen:Dead Stop Back Squat3x @ 95#3x @ 115#2x @ 135#3 x 1 @ 145#Cool Down:5:00 air dyne10x RDL10x Cossack SquatFoam roller   Athletes: Carrie, Lindsay, Lara  

In the Gym December 4th

Power Endurance 10:00 warm up 2×10 shoulder openers 3×5 wall squats 3×5 cuban press 2×5 goblet squat Then KB Javorek Complex 6x DL 6x Curl 6x Front Squat 6x Jerk 6x OHS 6x Snatch or Back Squat 3 rounds, increase weight each round Then: Team Play P1: 10x C & J + 500m Row P2: […]