Outside the Gym – Grand Canyon

Day One of our Grand Canyon Adventure began at 5:00am with the Hiker’s Express Shuttle to the South Kaibab Trail Head. As we began our descent into the canyon, via headlamp we had smiles on our faces and shared “hello’s!” with all the other hikers on the trail as we jogged by. We enjoyed a spectacular sunrise and cool temps all the way to the Canyon bottom and the Colorado River. We even managed to stay in front of the Mule Train, quite a feet! After enjoying the cool water of Bright Angel Creek, dunking our feet and luxuriating a bit in the beauty of our surroundings we were off headed up the North Kaibab to the North Rim. As we ascending from the canyon bottom the temperatures soared as they do hitting 100 degrees +. However with an early start, hydration, food, and electrolytes we were quickly at the rim. Total time 6:32. With breaks, gawking and picture taking.

Image 4