Grand Canyon Speed Descent

On Friday January 13th, at 11pm, two of our own – Ian Anderson and Seth Mason – with six friends, many from Goat Gym, embarked on likely what is the journey of their lifetime, so far. A non-stop descent of the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon. 277 river miles through some of the most […]

Outside the Gym – Grand Canyon Day 2

Our Rim to Rim to Rim journey, in the Grand Canyon was planned in a civilized fashion to enjoy one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Day One found us happy healthy and enjoying, food, wine, napping and a gorgeous sunset on the North Rim. Day Two began much like day one with an early shuttle and a long cool descent into the Canyon. After 14 miles we found ourselves back at the glorious ad powerful Colorado River. Our plan was to ascend the Bright Angel Trail back to our lodging on the South Rim. It’s spectacular way to go to see even more of the Canyon. After filling and I mean filling our belly’s at the canyon floor we once again began the journey up and found ourselves smiling and soaking in the beauty of the GC all the way to the Rim. The second day was 24 miles, 6000 vert feet down and 4500 up, and about the same time as day one 6:34. Day one had been 22 miles same vert in reverse. Two incredible back to back days, 46 miles, 21,000 vertical. And I’d do it again!

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Outside the Gym – Grand Canyon

Day One of our Grand Canyon Adventure began at 5:00am with the Hiker’s Express Shuttle to the South Kaibab Trail Head. As we began our descent into the canyon, via headlamp we had smiles on our faces and shared “hello’s!” with all the other hikers on the trail as we jogged by. We enjoyed a spectacular sunrise and cool temps all the way to the Canyon bottom and the Colorado River. We even managed to stay in front of the Mule Train, quite a feet! After enjoying the cool water of Bright Angel Creek, dunking our feet and luxuriating a bit in the beauty of our surroundings we were off headed up the North Kaibab to the North Rim. As we ascending from the canyon bottom the temperatures soared as they do hitting 100 degrees +. However with an early start, hydration, food, and electrolytes we were quickly at the rim. Total time 6:32. With breaks, gawking and picture taking.

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Rim to Rim to Rim September 24 & 25

Ripple Effect Founder Carolyn Parker and her love Rob Klimek are headed to one of the US’s most majestic natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, words cannot describe it’s beauty. It can only be experienced. To run Rim to Rim to Rim is a feat however it’s one we want to enjoy over two days so […]