In the Gym June 19th

10:00 Warmup
2×8 Shoulder Opener
2×5 Cuban Press
3×5 Wall Squats
3×6 Deep Hip Opening Goblet Squats
2×10 Windshield Wipers
5x Isometric Backsquat with Chains (Pause at 3 points on eccentric: 1/4th, 1/2, Full depth. Accelerate up)
10x Plate Halo (Per side. Stand on bosu ball or knee on stability ball for challenge)
x 5 rounds (Rest 60 sec or so between)
10x KTE or Feet to Hands
10x Landmine Russian Twist – per side
10x Clanks (per side)
x 4 rounds (Rest as needed)
2000m Ski/Row for time
Cool Down with mobility work