In the Gym March 25th

Power Endurance

Warm up 10:00 yoga, jog, jump rope
Wall Squats 5 x 5
Goblet Squats 2 x 8
6:00min running/biking/ski erg/row effort 30 sec HARD/30 sec easy recovery pace.
Rest 3- 4:00 (you should need this…)
x3 Rounds
6:00min speed step up 12” object 30 sec HARD/30 sec walk around to recover.
Rest 3 – 4:00 (you should need this…)
x2 Rounds
6:00min Burpees go FAST work on hip snap speed/30 sec easy walking around
Rest 4:00 (you should need this…)
x2 Rounds

Later Rec End < 60min