In the Gym December 7th


10:00 warm up
2×5 wall squat
2×8 shoulder openers
2×5 cuban press
2×5 goblet squat

10x Clean & Jerk 50% 1RM which is likely 50% BW (or so) + 500m row
3 rounds, 2:00 rest between rounds

10x Front Squat 70% 1 RM this will be closer to 75% BW (go up in weight if too easy) + 60sec all out Airdyne
3 rounds, 2:00 rest between each

8x Single Arm Horizontal Row (use FST, feet on bench 4x per arm)
+ 8x Ring Dip
+ 8x Hanging L-seat
+ 8x Ring Push Up
+ 8x HSPU use bar in rack to spot movement with legs
3 rounds, rest as necessary