Video Killed the Radio Star

Some of you may remember that old song by the Buggles, if not Google it. Technology marks progression, we adapt and change however as is apparent in today’s America not all change and adaptation is good.

What happened? What happened to people and families going outside? What happened to people enjoying the satisfaction of learning a skill that takes hard work and dedication. Yes I’m talking about computers, cell phones, video games…replacing play, family time, and participation in athletics.  Statistically speaking Americans are in general, fatter, less healthy, less happy, and more stressed out. Even more horrific is the rate at which American children are becoming obese, that is entirely unacceptable and irresponsible. 

I challenge anyone to put down their phone, iPad, Xbox, the Wii, the Playstation and go try something. Go to the climbing gym, ride your bike, go hiking, go fishing, skateboard, ski, snowshoe, sled, go to an amusement park -even the games there take more actual skill than a video game to participate in, then tell me if it doesn’t feel good. Maybe you’ll want to be better, maybe you’ll practice, or if you have kids maybe you’ll find you actually enjoy playing with them.

The mythical thing people are always reaching for, trying to buy, feel, experience requires hard work. Maybe that is it, Americans don’t remember what it means to work hard. Most Americans log a lot of hours at work and make excuses that they have to work and don’t have time to exercise and eat well. Honestly the healthier you are, the more focused and productive you are, take a healthy happy person and they can achieve more in 4 hours than many can in 8.  It’s an excuse, try this: take all those hours you shop for non-essentials, surf the net, take two showers a day, play video games, down load music, watch TV and go exercise instead. Then go to the grocery store and buy healthy food for dinner and see what happens.

For all of you out there who already do all this hats off to you! You may make up only 5% of our population but I know you, train you, and am proud you are making the difference.