Universal Stats

Universal Stats – All of the below are listed with a range, for gender, age and sport application. Additionally they are adjusted down from an athletes max by 10% per decade over age 50. And are adjusted or removed if injury or ROM limitation precludes one from properly performing movements. All of the following require a few years of dedicated time spent learning and applying in a gym environment 2 days a week minimum before attempting to establish 1 Rep Maxes.

PRIMARY – 1 Rep Max (RM) percent of body weight (BW)

Deadlift (1- 2xBW)

Front Squat (.75-1.5xBW)

Strict Press ( .5xBW)

Power Clean (.5 – 1xBW)

Jerk (.5- 1xBW)

Bench Max (.75 – 2xBW)

Back Squat…10-15 rep work capacity only not 1RM

Back squat 1.5-1.75x

Box Jump height max 20″ – 42”

TGU (1/2BW)

SLSLDL (.5 – 1xBW)

BSSU (.5 BW)

OH Squat (1.0 – 1.25x)


Bear Crawl with BW

plank Sled Pull BW

Max Pull ups

Weighted Pull up

Static Holds Ring Support 60 secs, FLR 2min, Handstand 60 secs

Push UPs toes/rings x 10

Power Endurance

Row 500m (women 1:50/ men 1:30)

2000m (8:00/7:15)

5000m (sub 20:00/ 19:00)

Ski 500m (women 2:00/ men 1:45)

Row 500m (women 1:50/ men 1:30)

2000m (sub 8:15/7:30)

5000m (sub 20:00/ 19:00)