In the Gym June 1st

10:00 Warm up ski erg/airdyne/row
Work on mobility/stability – see small white boards for ideas
2 × 8 Shoulder openers
2 x 5 Cuban press
3 x 5 Wall squat
3 x 6 Goblet Squat
3 x 3 SLSLDL each side with single KB
Warm up to Heavy Dead Lift – reasonable for 5 reps
5x Deadlift
8x Push up
x 5 rounds, rest as necessary so now form loss.
5x Strict Press
10x KB Swing (heavy if appropriate)
10x Anchored Leg lower
5 Rounds, rests as necessary
Finish with power intervals:
4 x 250m effort row/ski or 60 sec air dyne, 1:1 work/rest
Cool Down – light mobility work or a recovery walk/spin etc.