In the Gym August 31st


10:00 Warm up ski erg/airdyne/row

Work on mobility/stability – see small white boards for ideas

2 × 8 Shoulder openers

2 x 5 Cuban press

3 x 5 Wall squat

2 x 10 Good Mornings


Warm up to Heavy-ish RDL (KB or BB)


5x RDL 

8x Body Row

30 sec side plank, each side make harder by elevating the top leg, holding a fit ball between feet or raising and lower the hip.

5 Rounds, rest as necessary so no form loss


6x Ring push up

10x Split jump

30 sec mtn climber 

5 Rounds minimal rest

Finish with:

3 x 30sec plank/30 sec ring support/ 30 sec rest

Cool Down – light mobility work or a recovery walk/spin etc.