Tabata Explained

Have you ever heard someone say “Tabata This” or “yeah I’m doing a Tabata WO!”? As with so many forms of “training,” a method that can be incredibly useful is misunderstood by an athlete or community. Yes it is still exercise, and if movements are performed correctly it can still be beneficial, our aim at […]

In the Gym January 15th

Power Endurance

Warm up 10:00 C2
Wall squats 3 x 5
Goblet Squats 3 x 8
Push ups 3 x 5

Then: Tabata Fun!
8 rounds (20sec work/10sec rest) of…
Push ups
Ball Slams
Sit Ups
KB Swings

10 pull ups + 90 sec wall sit x 3

Cool Down

Athletes: Enzo, James K