Liquid Lightning

The evolution of the juice blend: my friend Anna refers to my blend as “liquid lightning”; truthfully it is amazing stuff specifically blended to provide a huge nitrate load with every serving. Yes, you feel super human if you drink enough everyday. And it provides many of the other vital micro-nutroients we should be getting from the vegetables we eat or drink in this case. I’ll do a detailed blog post later with exact amounts of nitrate per 8oz serving and other nutrients, here’s something to get you started juicing!

Beets, spinach and celery all have >250mg of nitrate per/100g and are considered very high in nitrates.
Parsley 100<250mg/100g is considered High
Broccoli, Kale or cucumber – 20 <50mg/100g somewhat low, I add for flavor and other micronutrients.

2 – 3 organic beets + greens (red or golden beets/color doesn’t matter)
1 – 2 Fuji apples
5 – 6 medium carrots
4 cups of or a bag spinach
1 bunch parsley
1 head of celery
1 medium cucumber
1 bunch of Kale (contains sulforaphan a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties)
A few slices of ginger

Refer back to previous “Juicing” post for information on supplementing your diet with nitrate rich vegetable juice – in this case beetroot or spinach juice – resulted in significant improvements in how the body utilizes oxygen during moderate to strenuous exercise.  Increased nitrate intake also lengthened the time it took for the body to reach exhaustion.