In the Gym October 26th

Power Endurance

10:00 Airdyne/C2/ski erg
3×5 wall squats
2×10 shoulder openers
3×5 cuban press
10x Y’s, pull downs on bands
3×8 goblet squats
2×8 DB PP
5x squat, tuck jumps

5x KB Swing + 5x Goblet Squat +
10x KB Swing + 10x Goblet Squat +
15x KB Swing + 15x Goblet Squat +
20x KB Swing + 20x Goblet Squat
x2 rounds for time

4x 30/30 Push Press (“rest” OH)
4x 30/30 Mountain Climber (“rest” in plank)
4 x 30/30 Step ups holding KB in front rack (don’t put KB down)

60 secs sit ups + 60 FLR rings + 30 secs feet to hands hanging on pull up bar + 60 secs mtn climbers + 30 secs atomic sit ups
30 secs rest between each activity; 4 rounds.