In the Gym October 21st

Lower Body Injury Work Out
Having a lower body injury is a great excuse to get a super strong core and upper body! (;(; And airdyne arms only is always a fun way to start the morning…Can be done by uninjured parties as well of course.

Warm Up 10:00 seated ski erg or arms only airdyne
3 x 8 shoulder openers
3 x 5 cuban press
10x Barbell Floor Press @45-85# + 10x Floor Wipers (Lock out arms for counter balance; 5 each direction)
6 rounds, rest as needed
40 – 30 – 20 – 10 reps of each:
Get up sit ups @15-35# bar +
Airdyne arms only (calories)

Finish with pull ups (:

Athletes: Johann, Aisha, James, Trenton