In the Gym October 15th

Power Endurance

Warm up
5 min easy + 5 min 30/30 Row/Ski/ Airdyne
2 x 10 Shoulder Openers
3 x 5 Wall Squats
3 x 5 Cuban Press
2x 30m OH Walking Squat @ DB or KB (3 steps – strict then squat)
2x 30m OH Walking Lunges @ DB or KB (15m Forward + 15m Backwards)
3x 6 One-arm/ One-leg OH Bell Up Strict Press @ KB
Work up to a heavy TGU…then 6 x 2 TGU @ chosen weight
“Death by Burpee Pull-up’s”
1st minute: 1x Burpee
2nd minute: 2x Burpee
3rd minute: 3x Burpee
Proceed until no longer possible..
DB Complex:
6x Clean Hi-pull (From the floor) +
6x Bent Over Row (Back parallel to floor) +
6x Curl (Strict, no Cheater-Curls if possible) +
6x Press (Strict, full ROM)
6x Front Squat Push Press (ATG – Ass to Grass) +
6x Push-up (Deep) +
6 rounds, increase weight every two rounds.