In the Gym November 18th

10:00 Warm up
Work on mobility/stability
2 x 8 Shoulder openers
2 x 5 Cuban press
3 x 5 Wall squats
3 x 3 per side KB press and stretch
3 x 5 SOTS press
Warm up to OHS – do first with PVC against the wall, then can go to 15# bar if it looks good – or stay with pic and just focus on mobility / posture (3 x 5 at the wall if not going weighted overhead)
5 x 5 OHS (or heavy goblet squat or other type of loaded squat if no OHS for athlete)
Rest 60sec between rounds
10x KB swings
10x Deck Squats
5x Pull Ups
Rest 60sec
5 Rounds
3 x 60 sec FLR / 60sec rest
Then: Cool Down