In the Gym May 19th

10:00 warm up
2 × 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
work on mobility – hip
3 × 5 wall squats
2 x 8 Good Morning with PVC or strap behind shoulders – engage shoulder blades
5x RDL (can use BB or KBs/DBs)
5x Pull Ups
5x Push Ups (rings or BOSU for added challenge)
x 5 rounds, rest some between/during rounds to recover; weight should be heavy
15m Standing Sled Pull (heavy with good form)
15x Frog Hops
~30sec Rest
x 5
If time:
3 x 300m ski/row (hard) with 60sec rest between each; try to maintain pace for all 3
Cool Down