In the Gym January 2nd

10:00 warm up
work on mobility/stability
2 × 8 shoulder openers
2 x 5 cuban press
3 × 5 wall squats
2 x 30m Tactical Lunge
2 x 5 Reverse Flies (light DBs or bands)
Then –
Warm up to ~ heavy Front Squat
Then –
5x Front Squats – can do with chains on BB for added stability challenge
30sec Kayakers
30-60sec rest
X 5
Then –
8x Pull Ups
8x Dips (rings/bars/bench)
60sec Front Plank – can add alternating leg lifts or knee drops for added challenge
X 4, rest as needed
Then –
1000m ski/row for time
Cool down, stretch