In the Gym August 8th

Power Endurance

5 – 10 yoga or walk to warm up

Wall squats 3 x5Then
2:00 30/30 squats + 2:00 30/30 light DB PP 2 @ 8#Then
30/30 Ring Push ups 4:00; do ring push ups for 30 secs, hold 30 secs in the ring plank position for a total of 4:00min you may need to go to your knees ( :

Rest 3:00min

Carolyn’s Sadistic Squat Ladder 10 -1 with partner but I’m sure you can figure out what to do if no partner available;

10 squats holding a 15lb DB or KB in goblet position, hold in the bottom of the squat while partner does their 10 reps  you must not put the weight on the floor, 9 squats etc…Rest 3:00Then
10 – 1 Pull Up Ladder

10:00 of 45 secs hard 15 secs easy running

Rec End later < 60