In the Gym April 12th

Warm up 10min ski/row/bike/etc
2 x 8 Shoulder Openers
2 x 5 Cuban Press
3 x 5 Wall Squats
Any additional mobility/stability
2 x 8 Goblet Squats – deep, hip opening + posture
2 x 5 SOTS press with PVC
Then –
Warm up to heavy-ish Back Squat
Then –
5x Back Squats (can add chains for extra stability challenge)
5x Front Raise + 5x Lateral Raise + 5x Reverse Fly (lightweight DBs)
X 5 rounds, rest 60-90sec between rounds
Then –
10x Anchored Leg Lowers
5x Heavy Floor Press
15m Sled Pull (can be standing/seated/plank position)
X 5 rounds, rest as needed
If time –
5 x 200m sprint at machine of choice
1:1 work:rest
Cool down and stretch