Entrance Exams

Yes my training space is private, only those whom I invite train here; not to be elitist only to be highly selective, we are powerfully effected by those we are surrounded by. All entrants have been given “entrance exams” to choose from. These are “tests” of fitness that challenge different aspects of one’s fitness, Strength, Endurance, and the ever elusive Power Endurance. The rules of the game are simple I have asked my people to pick an entrance exam to test for; we have 8 weeks to train them for this goal, a side from their others. Everyone has picked the exam that speaks to them, intrigues them, will challenge and benefit them in some way. Passing the exam will be measured in effort. The effect has been perfect, people are highly motivated and focused, some engaging in lively competition of the healthiest kind.

Read below for details:

2X BW Deadlift
2000m Row sub 8:00min; then improve on your time.
Pull up ladder, unassisted 8 – 1- 8 no more than 30 secs rest between sets
Tabata Push ups (8 rounds of course) rest period must be in the plank position with arms locked out
Kettle Bells: 1 rep with 1/3 BW (both sides if applicable) of the following; TGU, Swing Snatch, OH Squat, Dbl OH Press.
100 Club: 100 Push ups, 100 Sit Ups, 100 Pull ups, 100 Squats; broken up however you like, all reps must be complete for time with as little rest as possible.
Box Jumps; how many can you do in 60 secs, participants can choose between 18 and 24 inch box, each jump must be completed with a full stand on the box. Attempts will be recorded for the next 8 weeks, so far 29 on 24 inch; 31 on 18 inch.

If an exam is “passed” quickly, improvement is expected or another should be chosen, some are doing more than one (of course).