Coaching by Carolyn

Personal Coaching by Carolyn Parker at Ripple Effect Gym in CarbondaleCoaching by Carolyn

Coaching options available:

Coaching calls: $50 for a 30 min call. $25 for additional blocks of 15 min. email Carolyn to set up calls:

Training Programs: 8 – 16 week custom programs for events in the future, fall 50K runs, rock climbing goals, century bike rides, mountaineering trips, huts trips, alpine climbing trips all of these can still be properly trained for or supported as a future event during this time. These programs will be customized to each athletes goal and resources available for training. Cost is $200-$400 for the program, it will be emailed as a PDF. Or if the athlete already uses TrainingPeaks as the tool to track their training I will upload the program into TrainingPeaks. We will schedule an initial phone call (60min) and a follow up (30min) for questions. email Carolyn to set up calls: Carolyn requires a minimum of a month lead time to produce custom plans. Cost of plans varies depending on # of weeks programmed. If calls run over time there will be an additional charge based on fees in Coaching Calls note.

Online Coaching: The most detailed, adaptable, and high degree of contact and accountability. I  provide online coaching for athletes via the TrainingPeaks coaching platform. Utilizing heart rate data, customized strength programs, periodized schedule for events, races, climbs, and general fitness goals. The cost is $325 a month. Online coaching requests also require a lead time of a month to get an athlete going and a minimum of a four month commitment.

  • You will have daily access to Coach Carolyn through TrainingPeaks.
  • Premium TrainingPeaks account fees are covered.
  • Access to strength movement video databases with 100+ videos for form check.
  • Mobility support videos.
  • Unlimited questions not limited to the training of the day, also encompassing nutrition support, recovery ideas, adaptations for the aging athlete, and more.
  • Customized Strength workouts.

Please email me at for questions or call 970-773-3317

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Athlete testimonials:

Ben Yardley – Carolyn has helped me become the athlete and human I am today.

Ben Abruzzo – We all need a coach and Carolyn is one of the very best.

Lee Sheftel – Carolyn has helped me both emotionally as well as physically. I am eternally grateful for her, her staff and her programs.

Randy Levensaler – Carolyn and the crew at RE have created a space for me to test my physical limits, knowing I have a safety net of support and guidance.

Kathleen Stabler – Carolyn is a coach, a trainer, and a mentor but perhaps the best word is Guide.

Nick Lenio – Carolyn helps her athletes see weaknesses or imbalances as something to work through, not just a fact of life.

Carol Craig – I completed my 13th marathon in Boston. Feeling balanced and strong, I was amazed at my performance. Thank you Carolyn.

Tara Abbaticcio – Carolyn’s methods took a much different approach than my typical ‘just go as hard as I can whenever I have time’. And surprise, surprise, it worked:)

Dan Mirsky – Carolyn’s focus on foundational, functional strength, balance and proper form are tenements for training and also for life.

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