In the Gym November 29th

Power Endurance

6-way Javorek DB Complex:
Hi-pull (from floor) +
Bent-over Row +
Hang Clean (basically a cheat curl) +
OHS & SOTS Press combo +
Push-up with One-arm Row
Six reps of each, non-stop
Three sets, increasing weight @ 2×20#, 2×25#, 2×30#

Warm up to:
3x DL @ + 5x Box Jump 30″ box
5 rounds
Rest 2:00
3x Power Clean + 3x Jerk
5 rounds
Rest 2:00
8x Front Squat @ 95 – 135# + 20cal Airdyne
3 rounds





Athletes Training: Mark, Michael, BDO, Sari

In The Gym November 26th

Power Endurance
Warm Up 10:00
2 x 5 Y’s, Reverse Flys, Pull Downs
3 x 5 Wall Squat
2 x 5 Squat Jump
2 x 5 Tuck Jump
Clean/FS/PP (with Barbell)
2x 5/5/3 @ 45#
2x 4/4/3 @ 55#
2x 3/3/2 @ 65#
Finish all sets only rest is changing weight
8x F.S.P.P @ 2x 20 – 30# KBs +
30 sec sprint On C2
Every two min for five rounds, so the athlete has 2:00 to complete 8xFSPP and 30sec sprint any remaining time is rest.
rest 3:00min
10x Halo each direction with 25 – 45# plate +
30 sec Airdyne
Every two min for Five rounds
Athletes Training: Sari, Lindsay

In The Gym November 25th

Power Endurance

warm up 10:00 C2
2 x 10 shoulder Openers
3 x 5 cuban press
4 x 8 push ups
5 x 5 wall squats


1 – 6 pull up ladder x 3


1 – 6 dip ladder x 3


10x DB PP 20/30#
10x Med Ball Throw @ 14#
250m Row
60 secs rest

8 rounds

Cool Down



Athletes Training: Robbie, Scott

In the Gym November 21st

Strength/Strength Endurance

10:00 C2 row
then 3×10:00 30/30s C2 row

Z Press @55#  1:00, One Z press every 10 secs for a min, lock out the weight as the rest between  Z press. rest 1:00 x 6 rounds

10 – 1 – 10 squat ladder with 45# plate on back in Back Squat position.  Do with partner or rest for same amount of time it take to do the previous reps.

10:00 Cool down



Athletes Training: Bob, Carolyn

In the Gym November 14th

Power Endurance

10:00 C2 row
10:00 Airdyne
One warm up round of 6 way BB Complex
6x Deadlift
6x Bent Over Row
6x Hang Clean
6x Front Squat
6x Push Press
6x Back Squat
6x Push Up
@ 75# try to NOT put the bar down.

Then, WO:
6 way BB Complex @ 95# + 1000m Ski Erg
rest 4:00
6 way BB Complex @ 115# + 1000m Ski Erg
rest 4:00
6 way BB Complex @ 135# + 1000m Ski Erg
rest 4:00

Attempt to press 2 stacked 45# plates (one will suffice if coordination is off) overhead, then do 100 OH Squats with plates held overhead

BO Row



Athletes Training: Ben, Carolyn

In the Gym November 11th


10:00 C2/AD/Run
Wall Squats 3 x 5
4×20 Lunge (10m forward, 10m backward)
3×10 Box Squats
depth/hip opening work
3×10 goblet or KB DL; heavyish 50, 55, 60#
5×5 OTB @18″ box

Warm up to:
Back Squat Step Up 18-20″ Box 6 x 3 per leg @ 65-85#? (3RM)
rest 2:00 between sets

1:00 push ups on rings (how many?)
rest 2:00
1:00 pull ups on rings (how many?)
rest 2:00
x 3 rounds

SLSLDL – Ladder
8 @
7 @
6 @
5 @
4 @
3 @
2 @
1 @ ….
In between each rung of the ladder do 10 ring dips + 30 sec static hold at the end of the dips




Athletes Training: Ben, Carolyn


Although I am a woman I feel this way about my call to duty in life, at least in the way I live. I make no pretense to say I have even come close to sacrificing what soldiers do, but I want to be “the one” people can trust in and believe in. And that is much better than being a target or worse, step up.

From Ben Abruzzo:

“Out of every 100 men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets,
nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle.

Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back…BE THE ONE”

Outside the Gym November 9th

Last mountain bike ride up high. 3 hours of fun, then one wrong turn and mudfest. If it’s a long ride we seek it will be down in the Grand Junction area, winter is upon us in the RFV.


Athletes Training: Robbie and Carolyn

Outside the Gym November 1st

When you are the guide, teacher, mentor, instructor…it is wise to continue to be a student. Today I was the student. Helicopter flight lesson #1 –






Thank you JF.